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PDA Monthly Meeting

Dear Postdocs,
Have you ever experienced blank stares when you talk to your friends and family about your research? As post docs, there’s no doubt that we’re experts in our respective fields, but communicating our research to the general public is an extremely important life skill, not only because it makes for a great ice breaker at holiday dinners, but it helps people understand how our research can impact and benefit their everyday lives.

The ISU PDA is hosting a virtual seminar titled ‘Communicating your Research to the Public’ on Thursday, October 22 from 2-3PM via WebEx featuring talks from:

Kim Becker
Postdoc Writing and Speaking Consultant
Center for Communication Excellence, ISU

Sara Merritt
Education Manager and Portal to the Public Coordinator
Reiman Gardens
To register via WebEx, please visit the following link:
We hope to see you there!