Quick Guide to Ames

Weather in Iowa

  • Ames, Iowa enjoyes all four season and therefore the weather might be different from the weather where you are coming from. Appropriate clothing will be necessary.
  • In winter, Iowa has snow and temperatures are often below 32° F / 0° C.
  • In the summer, Iowa temperatures can reach as high as 100° F / 40° C.


Temporary Housing

Apartments/Homes for Lease

Note 1: You should expect to sign a contract, which is a legally binding document. Be sure to read it carefully and agree to all terms before you sign it. Some of the terms used might be difficult to understand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to a prospective landlord. You may consider taking with you a friend who is fluent in English to help you.

Note 2: In the US, it is common practice for landlords to ask for a security deposit prior to moving into an apartment/house. A deposit is money aside from the payment of rent that the landlord requires a tenant (you) to pay separately in case you should cause damage to the apartment or violate other terms of the lease. It is usually one or two months’ rent. When your lease is over, the landlord must return you the security deposit if no violations of the lease have occurred, or a portion of that deposit for the amount of the damages you caused in the rental unit. Furthermore, some utility companies (electricity, gas, phone) will charge deposits as well depending on your credit history. Thus you need to bring with you enough money prior to moving to a new city/state in the US. Beware of exchange rates between the US dollar and your country’s currency.

On-Campus Rentals

Things to do in Ames

Children's Education